Batman Begins…But Doesn’t End Soon Enough

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Fanboys and those with short attention spans have been quick to sing the praises of the latest installment in the never-ending “Batman” franchise, Batman Begins, echoing the sentiments of many respected critics (i.e. critics who don’t post their reviews on the blog sites of drinking buddies) by using adjectives such as “daring” and “exciting” and claiming that the film breaks new ground in the comic book-genre of films. In reality, Batman Begins succeeds in re-invigorating the franchise, but fails in its attempt to provide any lasting entertainment. The film certainly darkens the atmosphere and toughens the characters so that the universe is less cartoonish (and thus making it easier for the audience to suspend disbelief, which is always a good thing) but it still falls victim to a weak story line, poor execution of action sequences and the corny one-liners (“Does it come in black?”) that bogged down previous installments (not to mention the most awkward looking leather outfit seen on screen since Rosie O’Donnell’s in Exit to Eden.) The romance between Katie Holmes’ character and Bruce Wayne is an afterthought to the film and feels tacked on and forced, and the climactic action sequence is a complete rip-off (and far inferior) to the one found in Spiderman 2.

Rating 3/5: The movie may hit the spot if you’re looking for some mindless entertainment, but if you’re looking for a comic book movie with some lasting impact, rent the second installments of the Spiderman or X-Men franchises.

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  • Jack says:

    I actually thought this was a great movie. For a dark origin movie it was exactly what I wanted to see. Yes there were perfomances that shouldn’t have been there and I will go so far as to say the guy who played Batman really should have played the Joker. All in all I think it was more true to the feel of Batman not the fluffy ones that came after Burton’s.

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