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Dining & Entertainment — By on July 19, 2005 at 12:15 pm

The owner of Andy Gavin’s, Donnie, is one of the kings of Scranton cuisine, with former cooks he has trained making their own princely inroads all over the country. He is not only celebrated for his tasty cheesesteaks (with your choice of American or mozzarella cheese), fresh garden salads, and buffalo chicken pizza, but for his warm and caring personality as well. You can’t help but notice that Donnie truly has a passion for this business.

The dining area of Andy Gavin’s is an intimate, theatrical setting adorned lovingly with tin signs and mirrors of beers long forgotten and a smoke-zapper in place of a chandelier – it is touches like this that separate ordinary corner bars from the truly special establishments in the city. A fireplace in the corner warms the bar in the winter and provides an overall feeling of comfort. In general, the lighting is set quite dim, allowing for a little privacy and romance while enjoying their fine American cuisine.

If it is a night of drinking you’re after, the long, attractive bar is ideal for a perfect Long Island Iced Tea, a pitcher of Yuengling Lager or any of their specialty mixed-drinks. The friendly and attractive waitresses are more than happy to serve you and make you feel most welcome, and are quick to refill your frosty glass with your favorite beverage – and they’ll do it with a smile. Sports fans can watch the big games on the assortment of televisions placed strategically around the room, and those looking for a quick pickup can put their money in the jukebox and sing along to Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer,” which you’re likely to hear at least once during your visit.

Andy Gavin’s is a great place to go for entertaining clients, anniversaries, other romantic evenings or with a group of friends. The people are friendly, the food is great and the prices are affordable. Featured in the 1983 film That Championship Season, Andy Gavin’s is a true Scranton institution.


  • MA says:

    I find it to be grotesque. Cheap food paired with cheaper beer.

  • I. Putski says:

    Why would you go to a bar for expensive food and expensive beer? Cheap (and good) food and cheap beer ($7 for a pitcher of Lager…nice) is what most people in this area are looking for in a bar. It’s all subjective, I guess, but if you’re going to call a place “grotesque” then you should explain what you mean. Is it overpriced? (No.) Is the food bad? (No – though again, that’s subjective.) Is the bar dirty? (No.) Are the bartenders mean? (No.) Is there limited parking? (No.) Huh…everything sounds fine to me.

    Also, you need to pick up a dictionary before you use words you don’t quite understand, as “grotesque” means either:

    1. Characterized by ludicrous or incongruous distortion in appearance or manner or 2. Outlandish or bizarre, as in character or appearance.

    As you can see, your use of “grotesque” in your post doesn’t fit either definition in the description of this bar. Perhaps try “disgusting” or even just say that you “don’t like the bar due to the cheap food paired with cheaper beer.” That way we can just assume you like fancier restaurants and we can all go home happy.

  • forart says:

    As far as Andy Gavin’s goes, it is an establishment that stands for certain things: cheap beer and overpriced food, but I don’t go there for the food. The beer selection is plebian, but it’s blue collar and where you go after work or a softball game, even if you lose…..every single game. It is certainly representative of Scranton. All in all though, that’s what’s good about it. I personally think it should either be cleaner or dirtier.
    A corner bar is a corner bar for a reason: its been there forever and all of your friends go there. Gavins has been around for quite some time in the annals of Scranton bars. Other bars, Billy B’s for example, which don’t get me wrong has it’s place in the bar world, change owners and open and close every two years or so. Why that is I don’t know, trendy cosmopolite ideals, bad ownership. Who’s to say. All I know are the facts.
    Every year Donny says he’s going to close Gavins and every year it’s still there with its stalwart army of cheap beeeeeeeeeeeeeeers and we keep going. If that’s not an institution then I don’t know what is. So we keep going. It might not be the best bar, but it is a bar where you can go and get what you expect. Reliability sells. That’s my two cents. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  • Nigel says:

    Okay bar, okay beer, okay food, okay people… but, horrible air circulation. It’s tough to enjoy your dinner when you get a mouthful of cigarette smoke with every bite.

  • forart says:

    The air quality will be changing with the Clean Air Bill that Scranton is anticipating. For this reason and others, Gavins is getting a facelift and will have a new deck with heaters for the smokers when they are no longer able to light up indoors. Okay people? Apparently you need to hang out with the ECR crew!

  • charles ricocari says:

    from what i remember..gavin’s was a non smoking bar in the 80’s??

    what happened??

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