Wedding Swingers…nope, Old School Crashers…nope

Featured — By on July 16, 2005 at 10:32 am

This almost isn’t worthy of a post. As the resident pessimist my opinions on movies/film tend to be less that glowing, probably more like a single point of light in the normity we call space. In that “light” I have to say I went to see this flick without too many reservations, knowing full well what was most likely going to happen. That said, just because you put identifable actors/comedians/whatever they are in a movie doesn’t make it entertaining. Formulaic is the word of the day. Of course that has been the motto for a while. Whatever happened to real funny stuff, yes that’s the esoteric interpretation of comedy. I’m talking about Porky’s and Meatballs and Summer Rental and Spaceballs, good ‘ole American humor. You knew off the bat the movie was a farce, that was part of the charm. Today there so much going on around the “plot” and the ego of the actors that there are very few comedic moments…there’s only so much of Wilson’s dry talking that I can take throughout 2 hrs. of filler and, though Vince Vaughn can be somewhat entertaining, the ritalin induced ramblings can get old after 5 movies of the same, and just because Will Ferrell is in the movie certainly doesn’t make him or the movie any more funny. Not to say I didn’t laugh once maybe even twice, but there were no gut-busting eruptions only a few chortles. But what do you expect when most people only expect enough memorable moments to download to their PSP or phone to show to their friends who happen to have the same downloads.

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