Le Thai

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Thai cuisine with a French influence – an interesting blend of styles – that has become stagnant with the same repeated specials and unchanging menu. Don’t get me wrong it is good food and the presentation is often beautiful, however since they moved from the Keyser Oak Plaza to the new location on Route 6 Le Thai seems to be lacking in the creative originality they once had. Word is the chef has changed and if this is true it may provide us with the key to this puzzle, but whatever the case may be I recommend going as a first time diner but do not plan to make repeated trips on an all to frequent basis.

1008 Scranton Carbondale Hwy. Scranton, PA 18508 – (570) 341-5311


  • bworm says:

    I believe the elegant atmosphere at the RT. 6 location makes up for any lack of originality. It must be noted that we are in Northeastern Pennsylvania not in a metropolitan region using diversity as an essential ingredient in foreign cuisine.

  • scoob says:

    Never ate at Le Thai, however, the Thai restaurant on Adams and Mulberry is a fine example of Thai food. I’d say we have a fair amount of diversity in the area compared to the surrounding areas in Northeast PA. It just is slightly repressed around here. I don’t think bworm eats out enough.

  • Jack says:

    Scoob, I made it to the new Thai place near Mulberry for lunch and it really was great. $8.00 for a great lunch and I think the quality of the food surpassed Le Thai when it was up on Keiser.

    We have a good number of new places that we need to get some articles up on so we will get someone on that. The new place that replaced About Thyme (sp) here in downtown was pretty nice as well.

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