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This quasi-zoo of the hill section is seemingly delightful for children, suspiciously depressing to an animal enthusiast and down-right nauseating to a zoologist/biologist. Among the various mammals and reptiles on site few have it well. The alligator is practically bone dry and lucky if the length of its body can make complete contact with enough water at any given time; and forget about submersing itself. The birds actually seem to fend well and the cats although not highly enriched in evolutionary activities seem to dine on a healthy serving of meat and resultantly look at least semi-healthy. The primates however are down right upsetting to see and to speak anthropomorphically are whole-heartily depressed. Their cages – though they provide the option to go outside – do not offer the environmental conditions that these animals have evolved in. For example the lack of strata and home range is meager and simply not acceptable, especially in the case of the Spider Monkey and White Face Capuchins. Though the city is attempting a noble cause to bring the joys of wild animal life to our city the funding and conditions appear to be horribly inept, and though I am aware these animals would no longer be able to survive in nature I do not feel they should be kept in this manor, especially the highly intelligent and often emotionally susceptible primates.


  • bworm says:

    Although well thought out, I found the many typos distracting and detracted from the writer’s credibility.

  • forart says:

    I have no idea what bworm is talking about. If I was the author I would disregard the falacious remarks made by this person.
    As for the zoo, man you’re right. The park is a necessity and Dougherty did a fine job in restoring a certain amount of pride to what used to be and now is a very nice park. The “zoo” is another thing altogether. Just forget about the zoo. Spend the money on someting else and get those animals somewhere where they can actually moe more than 3 inches witout running into a wall or cage. It is depressing.

  • kasie says:

    My mother told me of the horrors of this sorry excuse for a rehabilitation center when it seems like the animals need to be rescued from that center. She told me that birds’ beaks are overgrown and their talons are so curled under that they almost touch the back side of ankle and even an untrained veterinary eye can see it. Not to even mention the deplorable, disgusting conditions of the primates. She couldn’t get the stench and images she saw out of her mind and actually teared up while walking through. First of all the stench is so far and beyond what it should smell like and even though there is a sign saying that this stench is normal let me tell you my mother said not at that level. Their enclosements were covered in feces like they have not been cleaned in months. They themselves were like covered in it. They were scraping the Ensure plastic bottles to get the crusted milk for some sort of liquid and nourishment. The one was so dehydrated that its mouth was all cracked and had bloody corners of its lips, which probably makes the image that much more sad because of how you said they look like humans and how can’t these keepers feel compassion. Let me say something about those keepers. The one that was changing a quilt in an adjacent cage in a different section away from the primates looked like he hadn’t bathed in a few months and had black and rotted teeth which shows if you can’t take of yourself with the necessities like bathing how the hell are you going to care about animals. Back to the primates, the eldest one just had this skin sagging from what appeared to be dramatic weight loss and was slowing limping across the enclosement. One was eating a brown paper bag. One was vomiting while another one was eating it, which shows that those curdled Ensure bottles they leave makes them sick and why would the other monkey eat if it wasn’t starving?…It is an atrocity that this place is called a rehabilitation center and its depressing that it is still open.

  • Jim Shehadi says:

    Kasie, are you a Veterinarian? The Sanctuary is all volunteers and runs on donations, since you have so much to say and are such a expert why don’t you volunteer and schedule drives to help finance the animals who have been rescued from sure death.
    Those Primates are well fed and well cleaned daily. They have not however been taught them to use a fork and spoon yet. Maybe you would like the job?
    Who died and appointed you God? You even commented on a individual working there. One does not judge another, he is volunteering what are you doing? A person who loves God’s innocent does not judge, he/she gives of themselves, unselfishly, willingly, wholeheartedly with integrity, love and honor. God does not care what one looks like. It is the heart within that is important.
    These animals all have a story of rescue. They are happy, healthy, well-fed and well loved by all who volunteer. Most of these animals would have been put to death if it were not for the Director.
    There cages are larger than required by state. The monkeys get their required food regulated by the state.
    I have been there before the monkeys were fed and found the cages impeccably clean and I was awe struck watching them enjoy what they call enrichment. Example, putting treats in a paper bag. Their trays were heaping with fruits, vegetables, bread and what ever else I could see. There was some kind of hoses hooked up for their drink. I watched and wondered; the monkey was drinking!
    Kasie, when you get old and a little over weight let us know if you sag.
    People who love animals are compassionate people. They are the people you want in your corner if you ever need a friend. Before you judge please get your facts straight and look in the mirror.

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