Sal’s Pizza

Dining & Entertainment — By on August 22, 2005 at 7:33 pm

Sal’s Pizza is a New York style Italian eatery featuring some of the most authentic Neapolitan pizza in the Scranton area, as well as fine sandwiches and pasta dishes. It is located in the downtown ‘court square’ effectively providing an excellent outlet for a quick bite to eat during your business day. It is affordable, quick and offers plenty of seating for the patrons.

505 Linden St. Scranton, PA 18503 – (570) 344-4851


  • forart says:

    Just what we need another Italian restaurant. For the record I’ve never beenthere. I’m just glad this wasn’t about Sal’s Pizza in Dunmore. For a minute there I got really scared.

  • I. Putski says:

    No, Sal’s has been downtown for a long time. You can tell because it’s in dire need of a makeover, much like Courtney Love. Well, detox would help her too. I ate at Sal’s once and won’t do it again – kind of overpriced because it’s right downtown, and it’s kind of run-down compared to Pappa’s Pizza, which is a good place to eat – not too expensive, and the food’s pretty good.

  • jen thomas says:

    i dont know what sals pizza ur talking about but the one i had was not overpriced at all and verrry delicious!

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