Bob Mould- Body Of Song (Yep Roc)

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If indie rock had a hall of fame, Bob Mould would be a first-ballot entry. He blazed a buzzsaw-punk/pop trail with Husker Du in the 80’s and made some stellar albums with Sugar in the 90’s. Bob’s solo work, however, has been a tad more erratic. After making two brilliant solo albums between Husker Du and Sugar (1989’s fairly pleasant Workbook, and 1990’s dark and well-titled Black Sheets Of Rain), he started stumbling a bit. 1996’s self-titled album suffered from Mould’s decision to play every instrument himself, 1998’s The Last Dog & Pony Show suffered from a lack of memorable tunes, and 2002’s Modulate was a shocking, ill-advised left-turn into house music territory.

Let the past be the past- Body Of Song is here and it’s mostly solid and well-sculpted. Bob comes out swinging with Sugar-y rock tunes like “Circles”, “Paralyzed”, and “I Am Vision, I Am Sound.” Unfortunately, he regresses to Modulate territory on “(Shine Your) Light Love Hope” (Bob just doesn’t sound right singing through a Vocoder… then again, who does?), but the real primo stuff here is the slower, reflective “High Fidelity” and the almost soft-rock-radio-ready “Days Of Rain.” Heck, “Gauze Of Friendship” even sounds like it could have been a Workbook outtake.

With a tour beginning soon that will supposedly feature some songs that Mould hasn’t played since the Husker era, and Body Of Song to pimp, things seem to be looking up for Bob. He just might add another couple of career highlights to that hall of fame plaque yet.

RATING (1-10): 7

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  • I. Putski says:

    Don’t let him fool you – “New #1” on Last Dog and Pony Show is worth owning the album for…

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