Area man studies primates in Nicaragua

Featured — By on September 6, 2005 at 3:06 pm

Marywood student Matt Artz recently traveled to the jungles of Nicaragua to study primate behavior and ecology.

Artz organized the trip and traveled with five other students and a teacher. Their studies focused specifically on the mantled howler monkey.

“The overall life experience was incredible,” Artz said. “It is a radically different world. The beauty of nature was paramount.”

Aside from the rare opportunity to observe and interact with mantled howler monkeys, the most interesting aspect of the trip, according to Artz, was the Nicaraguan culture. “The difference in worldview was astonishing,” he said.

Though the economy creates “…‘fiscally less stable individuals’ than we Americans are accustomed to,” Artz said; “many individuals appeared seemingly happier than many Americans do.”

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