Scranton tomorrow

Downtown — By on September 17, 2005 at 9:52 am

It’s paid for by Gary DiBileo so take it for what it’s worth:

Posted in Sat. newspaper, Times-Tribune pg. A7: “Why is crime in Scranton on the upswing? Why does Scranton have one of the highest wage taxes in the state of Pennsylvania? Why is Scranton still a distressed city? Why is our population dwindling?”

” Find out what Scranton’s City Hall isn’t telling you. Don’t miss “A NEW DAY COMING” – a half-hour documentary that takes a close look at what is really happening in our city.”

“Watch this important documentary this Sunday (9/18) at 10:30 AM on Fox-56 and at 8:00 PM Monday through Friday (9/19 – 9/23) Adelphia Channel -10.”

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