2 days in the grove

The Arts — By on August 28, 2006 at 11:59 am

The 2 days of music this weekend in Nay Aug was a great experience. Relaxed atmosphere and about 20 bands. It was only $7 for one day or $10 for two. Overall good times… P.S. Dr. Horse Machine and the Moneynotes rocked!

The Good Dr.


  • Jack says:

    Any idea who the full list of performers was?

  • MA says:

    The Sw!mS, Okay Paddy, The Green Chair, The Can’t Help Its, Kid Icarus, Tiger’s Jaw, Reigning Toads, K8, The Let Go, Rich Jenkins, Alien Red, Zac Lawless, Our After, New Motels, Jazz Assassins, Lesson One, The Mezingers, The Golden Retrievers, The Cabinet, Plus 3, Jimmy Mancus, Louch, Casual Vikings, Portable Folk Band, Bullet Parade, The Five Percent Duo, Dr. Horse Machine & The Money Notes

  • Rob Cee says:

    I didn’t see all of it, but I did witness The Bullet Parade roll in from State College and just*plain*kill*it. Keep an eye out for them- they are working on their debut CD…

  • MA says:

    i missed a few bands myself… what style of music are the bullet parade?

  • Rob Cee says:

    A melting pot of Pixies/Smiths/Gun Club/Early R.E.M. (y’know, before Stipe was gay)… and more. Just good songs and the singer (Jeff) is a real dynamo on stage.

  • MA says:

    speaking of a dynamo you should check out Felix Sarco @ test pattern on Sept 2nd…

    the singer is def an individual.

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