STAR Gallery opens in Scranton

The Arts — By on August 22, 2006 at 9:23 am

A new gallery has opened in downtown Scranton based upon a simple but unique notion: Let the artists run the gallery.

STAR Gallery (SteamTown Artists’ Renaissance), at 534 Lackawanna Ave., Scranton, is a co-op art gallery where, according to director Joan Kujawa, “all the members share equally in the running of the business and get equal showing exposure for their art.” STAR opened three months ago and currently features 15 artist-members. The gallery is seeking an additional nine artists to complete its membership.More…

“Our mission is to help the rejuvenation of Scranton by displaying and selling a broad variety of art,” Kujawa said. Currently, the gallery includes painters, printmakers, photographers, illustrators, chigirie art, pen and ink art, woodcuts, jewelry and pottery. Styles cover a broad range from realism to abstraction.

STAR plans in the future to offer art classes for adults and children taught by artist-gallery members.

The gallery displays a different member’s group show each month and holds a raffle for a piece of art on the first Friday of each month at Art Walk.


  • artattack says:

    Nice idea, but I think that the galleries around here could use more focus. The galleries around here don\’t have a focused agenda and are all over the map. In this sense it just becomes a popularity contest as to what gallery has the \”best\” art or represents the better artists. If galleries focused on contemporary or still lifes, or plein air, or ceramics, or sculpture, or a certain style – young, old, modern, contemporary – with some random smatterings of other media, there would be more opportunity. That way there would be ample opportunity for a variety of artistic styles in separate venues – you\’d know what to expect and galleries would increase their credibility. Right now every gallery represents everything and sort of fight for artists to show or sometimes struggle to get artists because they lack a focused model for showing specific types of art.

  • forart says:

    In some respects I suppose you’re right. Still nice to see another gallery in Scranton.

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