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Downtown — By on August 28, 2006 at 9:24 am

So I was having a conversation about our downtown the other day with an associate of mine. We talked about the hows and whens of the town square redevelopment and an interesting thought popped up. The question was raised “Why can’t we drive around our square?” That really stumped us both, we have more than enough room to have some two way traffic back up to Pittston Ave. Or why not make the portion of Washington in front of the Federal building two way? Just another little something that could make our downtown a little easier to navigate.


  • MA says:

    Yea this is a very good point. Cities such as Philadelphia have an infrastructure that allows you to circle the city hall, thus providing a central meeting point of significance for those stopping or just passing by. I have thought about this in light of Scranton’s infrastructure and I feel that it the change was made it would create an environment which would subsequently spur a subconscious feeling of a bustling metropolis and hence may help conjure up a positive public perception the current economic development.

    Having stated that, the problems seem to be that the expressway spits out drivers onto Spruce St. in the opposing direction than we feel it should be…

  • Traffic cop says:

    Or how about the fact that if you are traveling on Lackawana Ave. and say you\’re leaving the Radisson and make a right onto Lackawanna, you\’re not able to get downtown. Instad you either have to make a left and circle around or if you make a mistake and unknowingly turn right thinking you can go straight you have to go all the way up to Pittston Ave.

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