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The Arts — By on December 7, 2006 at 8:49 pm

I don’t usually troll around in the “cosmopolite” world of media magazines, but have been known to glance at what is being spoon fed to America’s youth by scanning a Rolling Stone or two in my days. I happened to be looking through a recent issue when I came across an article about this website:

The quotidian comments to follow aren’t meant to sound so general, but this is my best effort at being prosaic. So back to Wolfgang’s Vault, first off it’s free, always a bonus. There are plenty of other sites like this one, but not as well organized or with such an impressive catalog all found in one place. The site also links you to vintage posters, t-shirts, etc. – not exactly my bag, but if you’re looking for a black-light poster of Black Sabbath or a psychedelic vintage ticket from a Santana concert all in one place, well then… As far the choices of artists there’s plenty with 5 new concerts added weekly, even a 2 hr concert from Pink Floyd at the Filmore West in 1970. The songs are protected from being downloaded, so you do have use the built in audio streamer, but even the sound quality is good (no bootleg tape recordings of a fan two setas away screaming that they want to conceive a child with Mick Jagger). I know I’m sounding like a salesman, but I was impressed and that’s saying a lot coming from a pessimistic cynic. By far the feature I was most impressed by was the “Vault Playlist”. Here you’ll find a playlist compiled with the some of the greatest performers in rock history jamming live all in one playlist. In addition new features are soon to be added that will allow listeners to custom design their own playlists.Christmas has come early my friends.

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