Leaving a mark on Nay Aug Park

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Last year Sal Schiavone went to see Mayor Doherty give the state of the city address at The Chamber of Commerce. The mayor focused on the progress we have made in the city and even greater things to come. At that time the Southern Union building was nearing completion, plans for a new medical school were being made and the tree house was coming to life in Nay Aug.

The mayor said what made the progress at Nay Aug significant and special was the amount of citizen participation and that the community had taken ownership of the project. He then challenged the audience to stop talking about the greatness of Scranton in a past tense and make it even better. This resonated with Sal and he began to spearhead an effort to completely renovate the 100-year-old gazebo in Nay Aug Park. He convinced AZEC Trimboards to be a partner and soon three layers of rotting floor boards, dilapidated rails, and a patched ceiling will be stripped down to its shell and replaced with state of the art and locally manufactured AZEC Trimboards.

Schiavone and his peers in Leadership Lackawanna will certainly leave their mark on the park and now you can too. The class is selling engraved bricks that will be placed in the walkway from the parking lot. They come in two sizes and if you choose to purchase one you will be joining some legendary company. Today, when the checks started to come in for paver bricks (double sized) there was a donation in the name of the Fenstermacher Family and Captain James Robeson who was killed in the line of duty fighting the fire that claimed the lives of the Fenstermachers.

Whoever took the time to honor the memory of this family and fallen hero, thank you. Cities are built on the shoulders of men like Captain Robeson who live to serve others and a better cornerstone could not be found in our fair city.

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