Old School Scranton, Part 2: The Barber

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Did a few of you go over to visit Vince and get a shine? Even cooler than advertised, heyna? (www.youtube.com heynabonics) Today I want to take you to Mackrell’s Barbershop in the Medical Arts Building @ 329 North Washington Avenue in Downtown Scranton.

You can’t miss the barberpole spinning out front and you can’t beat this place. Mark Mackrell is the owner, and aside from being a misguided Notre Dame fan, he’s outstanding. Old fashion chairs, men’s magazines, sports on the tv, the best conversation in town without someone trying to hawk you “pomade or sculpting gel” on the way out.

Being an official barber in a world of stylists makes Mark “old school” but still utilizing a straight razor makes him an instant classic. I have never been one to let others run a blade over my exposed neck but I had to try it. Here is the skinny on the process. You will be reclined in a barber chair with hot towels on your face and neck, then a thick lather is applied, then Mark goes to work as he watches Sportscenter. Tightest shave ever and really rare in our society.

The whole experience of the barber knowing the buzz on the street, great conversation, service, and an old school feel in the heart of the Electric City makes this a place you have to experience.

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