Old School Scranton, Part 3: Coney Island Saga

Featured — By on January 16, 2008 at 9:33 am

Ever ask someone to lunch at Coney Island and get, “Which one? Baseball Coney Island or the one with the hot dog on the guy’s arm?”

First off, I know I should have some allegiance to a particular Coney Island but I like them both. I like going to baseball Coney Island, grabbing the Union News, and enjoying a few dogs, no onions. My girlfriend is a world famous food snob and refuses to eat at baseball Coney Island but we are regulars at the counter for hotdogs on the arm Coney Island.

What I want to know is do people have allegiances to one or the other and why? I hear lore of there being one original Coney Island and the brothers had an argument and split. Is that true, and if so, are they still rivals?

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