Old School Scranton Part One: The Shine

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I like the boutiques, the coffee shops, the 1st Medical School in the US since Kennedy was President, the Office fame, the Scranton Enterprise Center, and all of that Electric City Renaissance jazz. But I love the throwbacks hidden in the downtown.

Coming from Factoryville (Home of Christy Mathewson; damn straight) Scranton is the big city and I moved here after I returned from a year of military service in ’03. I saw the change and I wanted to be a part of it and I made an effort to be a dollar voter and support downtown business…so I walked the streets.

I found Vince’s Shoe Shine near the corner of Wyoming on Linden. The place is simple and perfect all at once. There are 5 or 6 seats, an old radio on the wall playing the best of the big bands, today’s Scranton Times, a cardboard sign that reads “SHINE $2.00/$3.00 off feet” and the best conversation with Vince. If you have not been there please get a cup of Electric City Roaster’s Blue Moose and experience the best of Scranton. How much longer will a place like this be around?

I have a few more places that I want to share with you but I want to hear from you about this. Been there? Thoughts? Suggestions for places? Let’s hear it.

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