Semian & Gress, Classic Properties trade barbs in The Scranton Times

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Am I the only one who has been getting a kick out of the Scranton Times Real Estate section lately? Classic Properties ran an advertisement with a graph stating they are the area’s number 1 real estate company. Classic Advertisment This rattled a few cages as Semian Gress answered back in their blog caption yesterday in the Sunday Times that stated something to the effect of “Others are busy making claims of being the best while we are out closing deals.”

The real estate game was pretty stagnant in the area until Sunita Aurora of ERA One Source burst onto the scene and became the big fish, then Lewith & Freeman expanded into Lackawanna County. Then George Semian who was one of the movers at One Source went out on his own and made a huge splash in the high end market. He also made it trendy to be in the downtown. Semian & Gress has done an amazing job of branding, positioning, and capturing a market, but I could also see how that would dig at the competition. Funny thing about competition is that it makes everyone better.

Is it pathetic that I am anxiously awaiting the Wednesday edition of the Real Estate insert of The Scranton Times?


  • Swaz says:

    You have WAY to much free time buddy.

  • JR says:

    Often wondered why It took you so long to leave. Love the blog.

  • Jamie says:

    ERA One Source is the worst real estate company in the area. Sunita Aurora is very unprofessional sellers beware. Semian & Gress is also another unprofessional company.

  • cp says:

    Wow. Our agents works at coldwell banker in scranton. they seem to do really well and you don’t see their owner doing anything to promote anyone but their homes for sale. sounds like big egos at the other companies. we also sold with cb in ohio….just professionals, no hype

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