Antenna anniversary issue available Friday

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The Antenna, a local art and literary publication, will mark its one-year anniversary with the release of its first full-color issue. The issue will include two companion articles focusing on urban planning, pedestrian safe cities, and community garden planning.Antenna cover

Andrea Talarico, proprietor of Anthology books, published poet, and staff writer for The Antenna, authored one of the articles and was inspired by the renovation of Center Street in downtown Scranton, where her business is located. Andrea says of the need to make Scranton a more pedestrian and bike friendly city, “Great cities provide public transportation as well as alternative transportation opportunities: safe sidewalks, bike lanes, covered bus stops and stations. Great cities recognize that getting and keeping people downtown is the key to better living, economy, and growth. I happen to believe that Scranton is a great city.”

In addition to the urban planning, two local poets, Jenn Diskin and Joe Weil, in a Q&A article also written by Miss Talarico, will discuss their relationship with poetry and with each other. Jenn, who suffers from cancer, talks candidly about her love of poetry and her illness, her relationship with Joe Weil, and how it affects her poetry. An excerpt from that article: “For me, there’s just no escaping it. It’s there in every minute of my life. The hardest part is trying not to be resentful. But, it’s difficult. It’s spring and I met a wonderful guy and I’m 35. I love this life so much. I hate the pain I’m going through. It’s such a terrible dichotomy. But the words somehow get me through; even if it’s only for a few minutes of each day.”

Daniel Brennan, editor, will also officially announce the Scranhattan Festival, a celebration of the arts to be held on July 5th and 6th in downtown Scranton. The festival will span artistic genres and highlight artists never seen before in Scranton. The performance space in the Hotel Jermyn, home of The Northeast Theatre, will be the primary venue for theatrical performances, poetry, and the film festival. Dan says, “Our goal for this event is to educate the community about the many facets of the arts and expose them to the diverse talent living and working locally. By bringing artists of different disciplines and generations together in this one weekend celebration, we hope to strengthen and solidify connections within the artist community and invite outside artists to return to Scranton for subsequent events.” Scranhattan Festival

Conor McGuigan has also lent his wit and whimsy in an article discussing the evolution of the Scranton art scene. The issue will feature several full-color illustrations and photos from local artists and will be available by Friday, May 23. You can find The Antenna at the following locations: Northern Light Espresso Bar, Anthology Books, Outrageous, Pizza by Pappas, Duffy Accessories, Silver on Spruce, Vida Tapas Bar, The Bog, Test Pattern, Embassy Vinyl, Marcs Tattooing, Gallucci’s Music, Zummo’s Cafe’, Mansour’s Market, Michael’s Luxury Eyewear, and AFA Gallery. (Limited availability at certain locations in Wilkes-Barre.)

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