Artist Profile: Jess Confer

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This week with our artist profile we take a closer look at one of the area’s up and coming artists with an eye for the issues.

Jess Confer, a Gouldsboro native, and current Scranton resident, is a Marywood University undergraduate. There at Marywood, this 2009 prospective graduate, is working towards a BFA in graphic design, and has resultantly enrolled in her senior capstone class, advanced graphics.

In this advanced graphics class the students were asked to design a flash piece which would support Buy Nothing Day (BND) 2008. For those of you who do not know, Buy Nothing Day is unofficial day of protest against consumerism, observed by social activists round the globe. It is typically celebrated the Friday after Thanksgiving in North America, and originated in Canada with the help of the Adbusters Magazine BND campaign.

Now Confer, being an advocate of Design Can Change, jumped right in with both feet. So it was no suprise when the ECR asked her about her enthusiam behind such a project, that we got this reply: “As a designer and a student I have the opportunity to create and promote visual ideas that can impact others.” And impact others she will with this video.

Impressive right! Well it does not end there. When asked about her future ambitions Confer says “I plan on teaching English overseas for a year prior to going to grad school where I will pursue a Master in Fine Arts (MFA) that concentrates on sustainability.”  And she went on to say “…I would like to visually communicate to the public the present problem and the potential future for the world we live in. Like the organization that has influenced my design and the concepts behind them, Design Can Change.”

If you are intersted in this video, and the mindset behind it, stop into Northern Light Espresso bar tomorrow for First Friday. There Jess Confer and Matt Artz, will be hosting a show titled, Beneath The Global Textures of Life. The show will feature their photography from around the world, and will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Panamanian Hacienda La Esmeralda social program, which provides yearly scholarships for children to attend school.

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