Commonwealth Medical College holds convocation

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The Commonwealth Medical College, Scranton’s first medical college, held its convocation ceremony over the weekend.

The theme of the convocation was community, represented as much by all of the local businesses, individuals and elected officials who made the opening of the college possible as by the charter class of students, 70% of whom are native Pennsylvanians.

Following an opening statement by TCMC President and Founding Dean Robert D’Alessandri, MD, students were led in a procession across the stage to sign an oath that included:

“…I will remember that there is both art and science to medicine.”

“…I will work to build interprofessional partnerships with others and to become a steward of the community by improving quality and access to care.”

“…I vow always to act to preserve the finest traditions of my college and profession, and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help.”

The list of undergraduate colleges attended by the inaugural class covered an impressive range of prestigious schools from across the country.

Indicative, perhaps, of TCMC’s short history, the proceedings had a decidedly youthful energy.

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